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  1. Matt Churton says:

    i love this place. It’s got everything you need! I have been various times to do engine changes, cambelt changes, headgaskets, etc and never been in a situation where I was left needing tools.

    For me it’s a no-brainer compared to laying on my back on te driveway in the rain!!

  2. Dom says:

    I regularly use U-Spanner to work on my vehicles, the work shop is well equipped for my needs engine crane and support bar, hydraulic spring compressor, 20ton press for pressing bushes out, the scissor lift is so convenient and sure beats laying under a car on axle stands and safer too, all the tools are well organised which allows me to quickly select the tool i need for the job, me and my buddies have used u spanner to carry out engine conversions, gearbox transplants, head gaskets, cam belts, clutches, services and other repairs, the owner is a top guy and is very flexible and knowledgeable upon my first visit i was given a full induction of the work shop including safety advise and information on the equipment, the rates are very reasonable the savings from carrying out my own repairs and maintenance really make u-spanner cost effective solution, the internet access provided allows quick searching for torque specifications and other information to assist with a repair also included in the price are workshop consumable such as gloves, paper towels and hand cleaner, I highly recommend u spanner for anyone who needs to carry out work on their vehicles, the savings compared to garages are massive and its really convenient, Excellent service , 5 stars

    ɥɔʇou doʇ sı ɹəuuɐds-n

  3. Jon Warren says:

    So have used u-spanner on two occasions now, clearly I came back for more and in addition I travelled there from Surrey to use it.
    So the facility is very well thought out and functions well, tool wise it’s fully stocked. So having done a cam belt change on an Audi RS4 and a full brake change on an Audi A4 TDI there wasn’t much I had to provide myself (ok so you wouldn’t expect the specialist tools for the cam belt but the brake rewind kit suited my needs well and they’ve got there too so a nice touch to help out the Volkswagen Audi Group people).
    So the lift works very well and is rock solid with plenty of clearance to the sides and above, all chock boards and rubber blocks are on tap to protect your sills and body kits. In addition air points are provided all around the bay ensure you can access the power tools and air dusters.
    There’s a Halfords, various motor factors just up the road and several tool stockists locally on the trading estate so you’re pretty well catered for in case of “incidentals”. The owner was also happy to help out with sourcing odd parts and tools.
    So basically an all round winner especially where a) extortionate servicing bills b) cold garage floors, axle stands trolley jacks and bad backs don’t appeal!

  4. Dan Smith says:

    Just got back from u-spanner after a successful clutch change on my Renault 5 Gt Turbo, Anyone who has owned one of these cars long enough will know how much effort it is to change the clutch, its wheels off, slacken hubs, shafts out (catch the fluids),remove linkage, drop down pipe, rad and inter-cooler pipe-work off, lift and loosen engine mounts squeeze the engine out, loom, starter and brackets off, split box old clutch off, then the reverse to put back in, I booked u spanner for 2 days for this job but I managed to do the whole job in just 6hours all I had to provide was the parts for the car, the ramp is a good size with room to work and every tool I needed for the job was there, garages quoted me between £350 to £500 + vat and 3 days, i got the job done for the price of the clutch kits and the daily rate.

    fantastic service

  5. David H says:

    Used U-Spanner to carry out some work on my Focus TDCI. Very nice place to work, well equipped, everything is easy to find and very reasonably priced. The owner is very sound and will give a hand if needed.

    I highly recommend this to any car enthusiast that wants to do work on their cars.

    Great service! 5 stars.

  6. Matthew says:

    I traveled down from Burton-on-Trent to U-Spanner in order to perform an auto-to-manual gearbox swap on my Volvo 740. I didn’t like the idea of tackling the job on the floor outside my flat, especially having never attempted a gearbox removal before (never even done a clutch change).

    It was a bit disconcerting to think of traveling over 150 miles and maybe not having the correct tools, but I need not have worried as the website has very comprehensive information along with a picture gallery. Also, the conversation I had with Grant about a specific tool (for removing the pilot/spigot bushing, arguably the hardest part of the swap) meant I was very confident that I could get it all done before setting off.

    Having some of the bigger equipment available (like the transmission stand and engine brace) made it infinitely easier, and that scissor ramp is a superb bit of kit. Grant is a great guy too and gave me a hand with lifting the gearboxes, as well as answering all the noob questions I kept throwing at him on numerous occasions. :)

    If I lived just a bit nearer, I would definitely be a regular user of this self-hire workshop, and you can’t really get a better compliment than that!

  7. Gary Eaglestone says:

    I wanted to service both my cars and did not fancy trying to do this on my drive.

    Using U-Spanner was the best thing I could have done. Booking the shop for half a day allowed me to service both cars and gave me time to change the rear discs and pads also thanks to Grant having a brake winding tool and much more!

    Needless to say, if I did not have the use of the 32mm ring spanner and the angle of the oil filter on my second car I would have still been on my drive now!

    A great handy set up (only 20 mins from my house) and a really helpful and genuine bloke in Grant, very much appricated!

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